Wednesday, 3 July 2013

THE END.. for now!

Dear family, friends and lovely readers,

As I have maybe mentioned to you before in a earlier post, my Dad, Drew Launay used to email me all his posts before hand and then I would upload and publish them onto this blog once a week.

I had three emails with his last three posts sitting in my inbox when he left us and I didn't read them till weeks after.

My surprise was the last one he sent me and the last post you have all read by now.

I found this last post particularly emotional and very special to me. His last written words to me in the email were about his wedding to my mother. I can't describe how magical it felt when I read it. I cried and smiled for hours.
Both my dad and I are quite sceptical and though I would love to believe it as some sort of sign, deep down I don't really believe this last post was anything but pure coincidence, but what a wonderful coincidence… and for that I thank him so much as he has made me once again so happy and proud.
I am absolutely sure that if I could speak to him and explain how this coincidence came about, his words would be: How extraordinary!!!!! and then we would chat about other things!

THANK YOU all for reading A little Sailor Told me…. and being part of my wonderful father's family life!!

The little sailor will now take a small vacation to gain some strength and it will RETURN…sometime in September.
It won't be as funny and witty as I am sadly not as clever as my Dad, but I will do my very best to edit into posts the Autobiography my Father left us.

Until we meet again!!

With all my love,

Melissa Launay

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